What is Athletic Screening?

It is well documented that injury rates are 2.7 times higher around competition periods compared to general practice. This is due to athletes spending an increased amount of time and placing raised demand upon their body in the lead up to a performance.

Athletic screenings ensure that the individual is performing the correct training to enhance their performance in their chosen activity, reducing the risks of injury associated with the demands of their discipline.


What does it entail?

An athletic screening involves the assessment of joint mobility and muscle strength to ensure that there are no specific movement restrictions or muscle weaknesses present that can lead to acute or chronic sports injuries or physical complaint.

Typically the musculoskeletal screenings performed consist of a range of joint mobility and muscle flexibility tests followed by muscle strength and endurance testing. These screening tests allow the therapist to identify any abnormal patterns of joint movement or weakness within specific muscle groups. Results from the screening will be presented back to the participant in the form of an injury risk profile with the appropriate injury prevention exercise programme being advised. The Musculoskeletal screenings offered at the clinic are tailored for the sport and the level of performer.

Athletic Screening Pricing

  • Your session will be a 60 minute face to face appointment. You will receive screening of your major joints and muscles and we will then create an individualised programme for you to work on based on the results of your screen. Unfortunately due to the appointment requiring a hands on assessment, these are unable to be conducted online. Prices: £80