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Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy - G and Cate!
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With over 30 years of Physiotherapy experience, Georgina and Cate are always ready to listen to your concerns!

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We specialise in the assessment of treatment of circus artists, but, also have expensive experience in the treatment of sports injuries, post-operative care, back pain, whiplash, arthritis & more.

Foundation of Heels Technique - Level 1 - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy
Structured Programme

6 week programmes covering shoulder conditioning, heels technique, and the fundamentals of splits.

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Fizzy Lemon Programmes

Foundation of Heels - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy
The Foundation of Heels Technique

Specifically designed to maximise the aesthetics of your dancing by focusing on strengthening your ankles, conditioning drills to promote progression and understanding muscle engagement to enable fluidity.

Sublime Shoulders - - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy
Sublime Shoulders for Circus Artists

6 week course packed with 30 different exercises to improve your circus shoulders! Working on strength, mobility, proprioception and endurance, you will find this course challenges your shoulders to new limits!

Fundamentals of Splits - - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy
Fundamentals of Splits

Turn miles into inches, inches into centimeters and centimeters into touchdown! This 6-week plan will help you identify some of your progress limitations and help you master your splits!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are Chartered Physiotherapists with over 20 years NHS and private sector experience. We have spent time working on our circus specific physiotherapy skills and have attended courses by Jennifer Crane (Cirque Physio) and Emily Sherb (The Circus Doc). Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy founder (Georgina) also worked with The Pole Co, reducing and rehabbing injuries in the pole community, allowing our artists to continue to spin and fly to the best of their ability!

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