Who are we?

Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy service with a special interest in the rehabilitation of circus artists. 

We began following conversations with fellow artists during classes and workshops when it became apparent that some healthcare professionals that they had sought advice from were unable to recognise the demands required to train within this specific environment. 

Being aerialists and flow artists ourselves, we were able to recognise that having an understanding of the demands circus artists need to train/perform, greatly enhances their recovery and ability to participate within their desired field.

We are currently a team of 2, Georgina & Cate!

Meet Georgina!

Georgina graduated with BSc (Hons) in 2015 and currently works part-time for the NHS as a Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

She has extensive experience working with individuals with both acute injuries (such as an ACL sprain), post-operative care and those experiencing persistent pain (such as chronic lower back pain). 

She has attended numerous courses, including:

Circus Specific Courses 

  • The Performer’s Pelvis: Managing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Dancers and Artistic Athletes by Brooke R. Winder and Pivot Dancer on Embodia Academy.
  • Save your Shoulders by Jennifer Crane (Cirque Physio) 
  • Movement Analysis and Treatment of Aerial Artists by Emily Sherb (Circus Doc)

Non Circus Specific Courses/ Achievements

  • Foundation and Advanced Paediatric Course for Physiotherapists by Orthopaedic Research UK
  • Introduction to Paediatricc and Adolescent MSK Disorders by Tom Quantrell
  • The Assessment and treatment of Paediatric MSK Disorders 
  • She provided physiotherapy in the medical tents at the London Marathon for 3 consecutive years
Georgina’s interest for aerial began in 2016 when she took her first aerial hoop lesson (which she didn’t really enjoy), but watched silks and pole dancing across the room and the following week gave those a go instead. Since then, this interest has matured into a passion (some might say addiction), for pole, aerial silks, juggling and poi.

She has competed in several pole competitions and recently placed 2nd in IPAAT in 2021 with her doubles pole partner Hayley. Pole is Georgina’s main discipline.

Image credit: David Harrison Photography. Doubles Partner: Hayley Douglas-Jones

Image credit: Bob Cartwright – Lightstories

Georgina is a keen aerialist and prefers aerial silks over hoop, because, let’s be honest .. hoop hurts! My poor hands and knees!

Georgina became interested in juggling in 2019. She has made slow but steady progress in the last few years, her favourite pattern being Mill’s mess. She has a very sorry looking trio of clubs from repeated failed attempts. Her juggling partner is her husband who took up juggling during COVID and they had their coach Jon Urdy perform at their wedding.

Image Credit: The Pole Company