I’ve heard that you not only want to progress in your splits, but, you also want to learn and understand what might be causing some of your limitations to progress?

Designed by Physiotherapists specialising in rehabilitation of circus artists, we understand the extreme demands flexibility training places on your body and what exercises are best suited to aiding you on your bendy journey!

Hate training because it takes too long? Bored of the same old drills? ME TOO!

Are you doing the same hour long stretch class each week and seeing no progress?

This course provides you each week with a variety of different options for how long you want to train and which body part we are targeting.

Mixing it up each session and applying gradual overload principles, not only helps you to get bendier, but, stronger too!

We understand that most of you here today, probably have a full time job, or family, or daily life that gets in the way of YOU time.

Only have 15 mins on Tuesday? Fine. Want to dedicate an hour to it at the weekend? We have you covered.

This is YOUR course. Do what you feel suits YOU best.

Is this too hard / too easy for me?

If you’re brand new to training your splits, this course may be too challenging for you at present. This course is great for learning the fundamentals, but, if you done have a lot of experience with the intensity of this type of stretching, some of the poses and conditioning might be challenging for you. It is always important to listen to your body and do what’s right for you!

If you’ve done months/years of training splits and STILL cannot get touchdown, this course is perfect for you!

If you want consistency, bite size chunks of flexibility work and a dedicated timescale, come check us out!

If you have touchdown, but, want some booty busting, quad quivering, hamstring hechening exercises, this course is still for you! We also have a special follow along for you coming in a few months, so keep those eyes peeled!