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Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy service with a special interest in the rehabilitation of circus artists. 

We began following conversations with fellow artists during classes and workshops when it became apparent that some healthcare professionals that they had sought advice from were unable to recognise the demands required to train within this specific environment.

Being aerialists and flow artists ourselves, we were able to recognise that having an understanding of the demands circus artists need to train/perform, greatly enhances their recovery and ability to participate within their desired field.

We’ve therefore created a selection of prehab strengthing and flexibility programmes designed to support circus artists on everything from handstand technique to splits!

Review our plans before for more information!

Sublime Shoulders Programme

Sublime Shoulders - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy

Strengthening isn’t just about strengthening. As circus artists, we take our bodies to the extreme!

This programme pushes you to your limits to improve your shoulder endurance, proprioception, mobility and strength!

How to Improve your Active End of Range Splits Programme

Improve your active end of range splits strength - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy

Do you have a great passive split, but your active split needs work? Pesky micro-bend, don’t worry we address that too!

This programme takes you through 8 unique strengthening drills to improving your end of range strength, with tips on improving technique and form!

Fundamentals of Splits Programme

The Fundamentals of Splits - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy

We’ve heard that you not only want to progress in your splits, but, you also want to learn and understand what might be causing some of your limitations to progress?

Designed by Physiotherapists specialising in rehabilitation of circus artists, we understand the extreme demands flexibility training places on your body and what exercises are best suited to aiding you on your bendy journey!

Foundation of Heels Programme

Foundation of Heels Technique - Level 1 - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy

This course is specifically designed to improve your heels technique, maximising the aesthetics of your dancing by focussing on strengthening your ankles, conditioning drills to promote progression and understanding muscle engagement to enable fluidity.

This course is everything you need to know about understanding the basics of dancing safely in heels, whilst exploring your own style of sexy.

Handstand 101 Programme

Handstand Technique 101 - Fizzy Lemon Physiotherapy

Learning how to handstand isn’t just simply balancing on your hands and is one of the most complicated exercises you can perform. If you’re ready to learn where to start or work out where you might be going wrong, this is the place for you.

This mini programme covers how to improve your alignment, specific conditioning drills for shoulder strength, core strengthening exercises and more.